Financial Strategist vs. Financial Product Salesperson… who’s advising you?

Fee-only financial advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to always act in your best interest. This means they represent you and your interests when giving you advice.

A fee-only fiduciary financial advisor cannot receive commissions/compensation from a brokerage firm, a mutual fund company, an insurance company, or from any other source than you.


James A. Daniel CFP, CFA, CMT, EA


“Why can’t you get objective professional financial advice without being sold a product?”

The Advisory Firm was launched in 2006 to bring fee-only fiduciary financial services to all consumers, not just the very wealthy.  For too long individuals in the middle market / mass affluent demographics only choice in financial services was with commission-based brokers or agents.  The goal in launching this practice was to give more families access to qualified professional financial advice, without the pushy product sales.

If you are looking for a financial planner to help build your strategy, an investment manager to implement it or even a full-service wealth manager for holistic planning, investments and tax services, we can help.

The Advisory Firm is rooted in these fundamental concepts and philosophies:

  • The understanding that as an investor you have options when selecting financial advice.
  • You deserve a personalized financial strategy built just for you.
  • You deserve plain spoken investment strategies that you understand, not complex financial jargon.
  • A relationship free from financial product sales.
  • You deserve to work with an advisor that doesn’t charge any fees upfront, to build your trust and satisfaction.
  • An advisor that will work with you to identify your goals and then figure out the best investment, planning and tax strategy to help you achieve them.

Learn a bit more about James Daniel and the beginnings of The Advisory Firm in this interview on North Fulton Business Radio.

Looking for a fee only proactive firm to manage your Investment Accounts?

Looking for a proactive firm to manage your Investment Accounts?

Personalized investment strategies, responsive to change and monitored daily.