What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is about setting goals in life and developing a strategy for how to achieve. A Financial Plan looks at your complete financial picture and breaks down each area into:

» Your current situation
» Potential gaps, and
» Recommendations/strategies to reach your goals

Financial Planning

A Fee-Only Financial Planning firm assists you in answering life’s challenging financial questions

What we do:


fee-only Comprehensive Financial Planning relationships to design your strategy


custom investment strategies managed per your plan goals & risk tolerance


coordinated tax planning and preparation to work with your investments and financial plan


Deconstructed Index Annuity strategy

How we work:

It all starts with designing a comprehensive financial plan around your goals in life. This plan will be your roadmap to help guide you toward making the best financial decisions to accomplish these goals. From there we can help you implement your plan with customized investment and tax strategies. All on a fee-only basis with absolutely no product sales.

Financial Planning Overview:


Early through Mid Career

Fees / Engagement

Cashflow analysis
Net worth Projections
Cash Reserve Strategies
Insurance Planning
Tax Review
Retirement Analysis
Investment Recommendations
College Savings Planning
Estate Plan Review

12 Month schedule – initial consultation, strategy session, plan review and mid-term review

 FLAT FEE of  $1500*

*additional charges may apply for complex cases


Within a couple years of retirement - focus on retirement income

Fees / Engagement

Detailed Cashflow needs analysis
Networth Projections throughout retirement
Insurance Planning
Tax Review
Retirement Income Distribution Plan
Retirement Scenarios + Social Security strategy
Investment Recommendations
Estate Planning Strategy

12 Month schedule – initial consultation, strategy session, plan review and mid-term review

FLAT FEE $1750*

*additional charges may apply for complex cases

We offer 3 Relationships to choose from:

Planning Only:  12 month Financial Planning Engagement


Planning + Tax: Annual Planning / Tax Prep Retainer

WEALTH 360° (Planning / Investments / Tax):

Are you looking for one advisor to act as your personal financial officer to handle your investments, planning and taxes? For clients that utilize our investment management services we include financial planning and annual tax preparation services at no additional charge.

*Account minimums do apply

General Information about working together:

  • The initial meeting is complimentary. You decide if we are a good fit after our meeting.
  • After the initial planning process clients can choose to stay with just planning, upgrade to annual planning+tax retainer or engage with our Wealth 360° platform. While we like to form long term relationships it is always up to each client how they want to work together going forward.

Investment Management

What You Need to Know About Fee-Only Investment Management

What’s the difference between an Investment Advisor and a Broker?

» We act in the best interest of our clients at all times and don’t work on commissions or sales.
» We custody client accounts at Schwab Institutional and are assigned as a third party investment manager.
» We create index ETF portfolios for clients based on their risk tolerance, financial plan recommendations and cashflow needs.

Most importantly we believe in proactive investment management strategies and controlling risk.


We take a personalized approach managing all investment portfolios directly so that we can customize and communicate strategy for each client.  Markets are dynamic and we believe investments should be responsive to change and monitored weekly. Strategies are grounded in long term trends, but adjusted for today’s markets. Above all else, risks are managed in each portfolio.

Why use us as your Investment Advisor?

The idea behind our strategy is to build a solid foundation using a Core Group of Investments and then layering in additional asset classes that typically outperform at different periods in the economic cycle. By utilizing low cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) we construct each client’s portfolio based on an agreed upon strategy that incorporates: risk tolerance, return objectives, financial plan goals and cashflow needs. (This is key, as we will not take on an investment client until there is a firm understanding through the planning analysis of how your money should be invested)

One of our key differences is that we take a proactive view in determining client investment strategy. We believe that clients hire an advisor to be proactive and to protect their money in difficult times just as well as helping them make decent returns during the good times. While we present an asset allocation model to each client and strive for that model, if the market dictates a change in strategy we will notify each client and then implement.

Working with The Advisory Firm as your Investment Advisor:

  • As an Investment Advisor we assist you in setting up an account with the custodian we use to hold client assets, Schwab Institutional. You the client then assign us as the Investment Manager over the account. We don’t ever physically have possession of your assets.
  • We meet with you to develop an Investment Model that meets your objectives and once you approve the strategy we begin the investing process.
  • Schwab holds your accounts and will send you monthly statements along with providing online access to view your accounts.
  • As a client of The Advisory Firm we also set you up a personal secure web portal to view your accounts and track all of your financial info.
  • We maintain an open dialogue with clients via weekly emails to let you know how your investments are doing, our views on the market and any changes that we may be recommending to the overall strategy.
  • We are not paid on commission for investing money, rather an annual fee that is debited by 1/4 of the amount at the end of each quarter from your account.

Fee Schedule:

  • 1% annual fee on the first $1,000,000 in assets ($100,000 to $1,000,000)
  • .8% annual fee on the next $1,000,000 in assets ($1,000,001 to $2,000,000)
  • .6% annual fee on remaining assets over $2,000,000


Looking for an Alternative Investment Strategy? 

Our Deconstructed Index Annuity strategy can be a great compliment to traditional portfolios:                  

                   Alt Invest Strat Doc

Financial Strategist vs. Financial Product Salesperson… who’s advising you?

Fee-only financial advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to always act in your best interest. This means they represent you and your interests when giving you advice.

A fee-only fiduciary financial advisor cannot receive commissions/compensation from a brokerage firm, a mutual fund company, an insurance company, or from any other source than you.