The Financial Planning relationship process is easy to implement and covers a 12 month period:

Step 1: (week 1)

Complimentary Initial Consultation
We schedule a complimentary initial consultation for all prospective clients. This discussion is designed to learn more about you and your financial goals and it gives us a chance to describe the planning process. During this meeting we will determine if it makes sense to work together.

Step 2: (week 2)

Data Gathering
At the initial consultation each client will receive the Client Data Gathering Workbook. There is a checklist of items covering the basic information that is needed to begin working on your plan. Once you have pulled together the necessary information you can drop it by our office or mail to us.

Step 3: (week 3/4)

Strategy Session Meeting
Upon receipt of your data we will call to schedule a Strategy Session. This meeting is to review data entry, answer questions and formalize goals.

Step 4: (week 6)

Financial Plan Presentation Meeting
Upon completion of the plan we will call to setup a financial plan review meeting. The plan presentation meeting breaks down each of the key areas of your financial life: net worth, cash flow, insurance, retirement, investments, estate and college savings (if needed). During this meeting we will go through each area to discuss what’s going well, where the gaps are and the strategy to achieve your goals.

Step 6: (approx. 6 months after plan meeting)

Quarterly communications / Mid Term Meeting
After the planning meeting you should have a good understanding of any changes you should make or strategies to implement to accomplish your financial goals. We continue throughout the 12 month engagement with quarterly phone calls or emails to see how you are progressing. All clients are offered a mid-term office meeting to review progress and answer any questions regarding the plan.

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